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​​​"AJ Croix shines with his country-leaning rock and moody ballads showcasing his anthemic songwriting on his new set of songs, his fourth album release, titled 'Cumberland Jail' " 

~Subba Cultcha 

Show at Roy's Hall opening for Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams

Live From Poodies Roadhouse, Spicewood Texas

"Train Of Sorrow" and "Crawl Back" recall Bob Dylan's "Slow Train Coming" era. ~Country Standard Time
“A true spirited singer/songwriter with plenty of guts and connection to the muse” ~says producer Malcolm Burn.

AJ Croix is endorsed by  K and K sound

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2020  Upcoming Shows

9/12 Old Croton Bar - Flemington 6:00
9/19 Easton Wine Project - Easton, PA 7:00

10/3 LIVE show at Roy's Hall AND live stream!
10/10 Invertase Brewing Company - Phillipsburg 


AJ Croix 
and The Devil's Right Hand Band  
is a progressive country band, not modern pop country. 

The music pays tribute to the early outlaw country generation and to Texas progressive country songwriters.  
Flavors of rock, blues, Western swing and Americana roots music. Influenced by Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson,  Bob Wills and the Texas playboys, Guy Clark,  Leon Russell, Elvis, Cash, Jason Isbel and more... 

AJ Croix has an outstanding four album catalog of original music that fits right in with the band's unique sound.  Songs such as “Train of Sorrow” have been used in indie films such as “The Lost Rondout”.  
The band ranges from moody and melodic country ballads to flat out country rock jams during their shows.  There’s something for everyone. 
True spirited troubadours born to entertain.  AJ Croix has opened shows for James McMurtry, Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams and Steve Forbert to name a few. 

AJ has performed all over the US as a solo artist and with his band supporting four solo albums and always delivers a great show packed with stories, original music and classics. 

2020 - Previous

1/1  Townes Van Zandt Tribute 

​1/3 Old Croton Bar

1/12 Iron Bound Hard Cider -SOLO

1/10  Shawn's Crazy Saloon

1/25 ​WNTI Radio show- Jan. 25th, Sat, 7 pm. wnti.org

2/23 Sweeny's Philadelphia 

3/7 Tri County  - Mansfield

3/28 Hard Cider

​7/25 Bernie's  Hillside Lounge

8/9 Raritan Inn

8/22 Inclusion Fest stream

​8/29 Red Mill Concert Series - Clinton

May Tour - 2020  Please check back for updates!
May 19TH TO 29th  - postponed...again...til' October - and,
postponed again, sadly - til'...to be determined

2019 Highlights

2/16 Bernies

3/30 WNTI guest DJ 9-11pm. 

3/31 Pattenburg House -Asbury
4/19 Roxy and Dukes Roadhouse - Dunellen
4/26 Espresso Joes, Keyport Nj 
5/4 Opening for Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams @ Roy’s Hall 
5/24 Dragonfly Cafe- Somerville 
6/8 Pattenburg House Asbury NJ

6/29 Shawn's Crazy Saloon

8/23 Waterloo Fest

8/24 Shawn's Crazy Saloon

9/13 Greeks 
9/27 - Poodies Roadhouse - Spicewood Texas 
9/28 - Poodies Party - Willies Cut n Putt. Spicewood TX

11/17   Opening for Steve Forbert, Vasa Park

​11/28 Pub 319 - Ashville NC